SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
14-17 Nov. 2018

Seminar on how to reduce Animal Feed related risks for human health in Vietnam

Time: 09:00 - 12:00 on 16/11/2017; Venue: Level 2, Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), 799 Nguyen Van Linh St., Dist. 7, HCMC

There are very strong social expectations on food safety in Vietnam. In a farm to fork perspective, animal feed is key for food safety.

There is a long history of cooperation between France and Vietnam on livestock.. Foodexpo represents a good opportunity to gather all actors involved for panel discussions and experience sharing. The questions of residues and antibioresistance will be addressed in particular, with the perspective to make recommendations to all actors both in the private and public sectors.

The audience is expected to include participants from

  • the different Vietnamese administration involved : Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (DLP, DAH, AgroTrade Department, PPP task force), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance (DG Customs), Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Animal Feed Association, Livestock Association
  • Vietnamese Universities & Research centres : NIAS, VNUA, Nong Lam university
  • Private companies from the animal feed and additives feed sector
  • International organisations and Embassies such as the French Embassy, CIRAD, the World Bank, FAO, the EU delegation, Eurocham, ILRI,...
  • Journalists.

In France, the EcoAntibio plan aims to reduce the use of antibiotics, especially critical ones authorized only in curative treatments


For detailed information and registration, please contact:

French Embassy in Vietnam - Economic Service
57 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Contact person : LE THI TU Mai- - Agriculture Policy Officer (+84 4 39 44 58 49)
Website :