SECC, Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam to strictly control the labelling of imported goods

In the recent direction by the General Department of Customs on inspection and identification of origin, combat against origin fraud, labelling, infringement of intellectual property rights, illegal transit of goods, the General Department notifies departments on the labelling of imported goods.

Accordingly, when conducting physical inspection for imported goods, customs officers must inspect the labels of those goods. If the goods are not labelled (except for goods described in Clause 2, Article 1 of Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP), the sanction shall be implemented according to the provisions of Clause 7, Article 14 of Decree 127/2013 / ND- CP (amended and supplemented in Clause 11, Article 1 of Decree No. 45/2016 / ND-CP), and the case shall be informed to the General Department of Market Surveillance to check and monitor the adding of sub-labels before circulation.

Where goods are labelled, these labels must include full information according to the provisions of Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP. The label shall be put on the item or commercial packages in such a place that is easily visible, containing required information without being disassembled.

The required information shown on the goods labels includes name of goods; name and address of organization or individual responsible for goods; origin; other information according to the nature of each kind of goods prescribed in Appendix I of Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP and relevant legal documents.

In particular, for some imported goods directly affecting consumers' health, in addition to inspecting the required information shown on the goods labels as prescribed, the original label must be full of required contents.

Specifically, for imported goods as medicines and medicine materials, the information on labels and instruction templates for medicine use shall comply with the Health Ministry's Circular No. 01/2018 / TT-BYT.

For imported goods as food, foodstuff, food materials, medical equipment, cosmetics, alcohol, beverages, the General Department instructs units to inspect the original labels that must be full of required information for each group as prescribed in Appendix I Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP.

For imported cigarettes, the inspection of labelling shall comply with the provisions in Joint Circular 05/2013 / TTLT-BYT-BCT of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade guiding the labelling and printing of health warnings on cigarette packages.

Source: VNS