SECC, Ho Chi Minh City

High efficiency from microwave drying technology in preserving and processing agricultural products and foodstuffs

Currently, the demand for microwave technology in food preservation and processing is very high. The development direction is that companies need to master microwave technology to meet the domestic market. Originating from the above reality, this morning on April 19, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City Science and Technology Information and Statistics Center (CESTI - Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology) held a seminar on the topic "Technology application Microwave drying in agricultural products processing and processing”.  The high level is listening to the drunkenness and song in the cover of the world and the world Equipment for application of microwave drying technology.

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Uyen - 5D Agricultural Solution Joint Stock Company - said that with traditional drying equipment such as convection drying, heat transfer drying, radiation drying... which is a method of dehumidifying, dehydrating from External product surface. Microwave drying is a method by which all components of the heat-dried material are penetrated by microscopic waves, from the core of the product to the outside of the surface. Microwaves cause water molecules to vibrate and vibrate quickly and evaporate. This microwave method not only saves energy using lower capacity than old drying systems but also retains most of the original nutrients and colors of the product. In particular, it is possible to kill most of the E.coli and Samonella bacteria that exist in the product.

The system includes: microwave generation; microwave power conduction; Conveyor; Drying chamber and access system ensure safe electromagnetic waves. In Vietnam, many companies have sold high-frequency wave equipment to the food processing industry but no company has researched and manufactured high-frequency equipment. At present, 5D agricultural solution joint stock company and International industrial machinery and equipment joint stock company are 2 units that have researched and succeeded in creating the  application of microwave drying technology used in agricultural products and foods such as mango, jackfruit, peanut, cake flour, rice, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, chili etc...

Assessing the economic and social efficiency of the application of the above method, Mr. Dao Quoc Hung - General Director of International Industrial Machinery and Equipment Joint Stock Company - said that the unit of initiative to complete all from domestic supplies, especially high-pressure equipment; products designed and produced by the Vietnamese research team should be reasonably priced; Simple automatic equipment, easy to manufacture and operate; energy saving products should be environmentally friendly...

Source: Vietnam Cashew Association