SECC, HCMC, Vietnam

Vietnam Foodexpo 2016: Open opportunities for agricultural and food companies

On the threshold of Vietnam Foodexpo 2016 taking place from November 16th – 19th 2016, at the Sai Gon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh city, Mr. Bui Huy Son – Director General of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (MOIT), the Organization Agency of Vietnam Foodexpo had a talk with reporters about the main features of Vietnam Foodexpo.

Could you please evaluate the results of the Vietnam Foodexpo 2015, Sir?

I'm glad to know, through the report of the Organization Board, information from participating agencies and businesses, the first Vietnam Foodexpo which the Government assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade collaborated with related parties to organize gained big eco about its professionalism, and practical benefits by resulting in specific contracts, business agreements, partner relationship development prospects, updated market information... for customers, businesses, investors, both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Bui Huy Son - Director General of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agnecy in an interview with reporters about Vietnam Foodexpo

It can be seen that Vietnam Foodexpo 2015 got strong imprints, demonstrating the panorama of a new vitality of the Vietnam food industry Vietnam which was constantly rising, in tune with the movement market trend, the changes and the increasingly diverse tastes of consumers. With the gathering of leading manufacturers and suppliers, with a large number of small and medium companies operating dynamically in the sector, attracting a significant number of foreign importers, distributors, provinces and cities across the country coming to identify business and investment opportunities, the exhibition has proved its position as a large-scale trade promotion event.

Does the success of the Vietnam Foodexpo 2015 create "pressure" for Vietnam Foodexpo 2016? What are the outstanding points of Vietnam Foodexpo 2016 compared to its first edition, Sir?

Certainly there is "pressure", but it is a positive "pressure". With the confirmed foundation of the exhibition and experience of the first edition organization, I believe, the organizers of the exhibition have had good experience to have support plans, accompanying with exhibitors to build an impressively designed exhibition, which has abundant types of commodities, diverse useful side events and attracts more visitors from all over the country and internationally to visit and match-make business. Organizations and companies participating in the exhibition will also have more professional plans for their attendance to obtain the highest benefits.

Vietnam Foodexpo 2016 will continue to maintain its large scale with over 500 booths of more than 300 companies at home and abroad, coming from 30 provinces and cities across the country and 15 countries and territories.

There are many highlights in this exhibition, such items as rice, coffee are now stepped up for promotion by exhibitors than in the previous edition, reflecting marketing efforts of exhibitors, in the context that domestic and international markets of these two product groups are highly fluctuated.

Besides, in Vietnam Foodexpo 2016, there will be not only normal necessities line but also items that will be first introduced, value-added and highly innovative products that are classified as trendy products restaurant like black garlic, brown rice milk, butter oil ...

Participating in Vietnam Foodexpo 2016, what should businesses in Vietnam agriculture, fisheries and food industries prepare to reap success?

Vietnam has a large and abundant supply source of agricultural products, seafood and foodstuff for the domestic market and export. Vietnam Foodexpo 2015 vividly demonstrated the diversity of this supply source. However, there are still many products which are only raw materials or simple semi-processed, packed and labeled unattractively.

Market flow will have direct impacts on production and life of both farmers and companies. With clear and obvious benefits from Vietnam Foodexpo 2015, many organizations, businesses have invested for their professional presence at Vietnam Foodexpo 2016 by focusing more on developing new quality, and nice designed and packed product line, building websites to provide product information. Along with products, businesses need to pay attention to have impressive booth design, appoint qualified staff to serve in the exhibition, so not to miss valuable opportunities at the exhibition ...

Vietnam Foodexpo will be held annually. Could you please comment about the importance of this event in trade promotion activities in general?

Vietnam Foodexpo is an important trade promotion event. It is deeply paid attention by the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and is organized according to international standards. The exhibition is targeted to become the No.1 exhibition in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the food industry.

With the signing of a series of new generation free trade agreements (FTA), Vietnam has participated more deeply in the "playground" of the world. To take advantage of the benefits of FTAs, trade promotion agencies and business community are required to constantly try their best, be creative, innovate their investment on trade promotion activities to gain efficiencies for businesses, including large-scale professional exhibitions like Vietnam Foodexpo.