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Value added products from dragon fruits are highly appreciated by visitors at Vietnam Foodexpo 2018

Dragon fruits of Binh Thuan province and many other provinces have fallen into a state of devaluation in many recent years. But at the farm of Mr. Tran Cao Van - General Director of Kim Hai Food Technology Co., Ltd, dragon fruits are grown, harvested and distributed to the markets regularly according to their set plans.

This company brings value-added products from their dragon fruits to display and introduce at the Vietnam International Food Industry Exhibition 2018 (Vietnam Foodexpo 2018). Their products are highly appreciated by potential customers. Mr. Tran Cao Van shared with the Organizing Committee of the exhibition about their products and market orientation.

Organizing Committee: Can you tell us about dragon fruit products introduced at Vietnam Foodexpo 2018?

We bring to exhibit quite new dragon fruit products for domestic and foreign markets such as dried dragon fruits, dragon fruit juice in glass bottles and in aluminum bags. These are product lines that Kim Hai Co., Ltd thoroughly studied from consumer demand and consumption trends in the world. We use two types of white and red intestine dragon fruits to make the juice so that we can flexibly meet market demands for sweet or sour taste. Along with the use of Japanese processing methods and technologies, our dragon fruit products are ensure long-term freshness without preservatives.

Our company has decided to invest in these value-added products because of the unstable market for fresh dragon fruits. I thought why I didn't make dragon fruit juice while there were few people in the market doing those products. Dragon fruits are very viscous, not easy to squeeze like oranges or mangoes, so we researched and coordinated with mechanical partners to produce suitable processing equipment.

When building the dragon fruit product factory, I decided to apply the HACCAP standard right from the beginning. When the plant was operated, we hired consultants to consult about production documentation and processes in accordance with current standards on food hygiene and safety to ensure the best products to serve the market.

Organizing Committee: What are the results of your business from the introduction of dragon fruit products to Vietnam Foodexpo 2018?

We choose Vietnam Foodexpo because it is a big and prestigious exhibition to bring products closer to the public. At Vietnam Foodexpo, we have assessed market effects, exposed potential distribution channels and felt completely confident in developing domestic and foreign markets for value-added products from dragon fruits.

Organizing Committee: Thank you!