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Specially Awarded Company from North American Specialty Tea Competition 2017 will participate in Vietnam Foodexpo 2017

From 15-18 / 11/2017, Tan Binh Hoang Binh Tea Joint Stock Company, a company owning Dinh Vuong Pham tea products who won the special prize of the North American specialty tea competition 2017, will introduce their products at Thai Nguyen Pavillion at the Vietnam International Food Industry Exhibition 2017 (Vietnam Foodexpo 2017).

The North American International Specialty Tea Cup of 2017 was held by the Tea Association of America and Canada in August 2017 with the participation of tea producers and exporters from countries and territories such as Argentina, India, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

With the support of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, Tan Binh Hoang Binh Tea Joint Stock Company, a company of Thai Nguyen province, brought to the contest the sample of the natural green tea Dinh Vuong.

Tea to make this special product used only new tea buds, collected before sunrise, after harvested it is put into treatment immediately to minimize the fermentation in tea leaves. The entire process to make this tea product is done completely manually, from testing fire on the cahro, crumbling tea buds, drying tea buds are done by artisans manually to feel the suitable temperature. The tea buds after processed are long and thin, it turns cool blue when being made, having no bitterness but deep sweet taste... Tea after made does not turn into brown, all tea buds are same color , not broken.

Passing all typical tea products of major tea producing countries in the world, "Dinh Vuong" tea of Tan Binh Hoang Binh Tea Joint Stock Company won the overall award. The contest brought the honor not only for Thai Nguyen tea but also for the whole Vietnam tea industry.

In the morning of November 2nd 2017, Thai Nguyen People's Committee in cooperation with the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the Prize from North American International Specialty Tea Awards in 2017 and shared the premium tea branding experience.

At the announcement ceremony, the Thai Nguyen People's Committee awarded certificates of merit to Tan Binh Hoang Binh Tea Joint-Stock Company, and coordinated with the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, international consultants to exchange experiences with tea producing and processing companies in Thai Nguyen province on the lesson of developing high-quality tea products and brands of Vietnam for the US market; Opportunities and challenges in building a new image for high qualiy tea in Vietnam in the North American market, trends of the world tea market.

Previously, Green Tea, Extra Tea of ​​Ha Thai in Thai Nguyen province also won silver prize in this contest in 2016.