SECC, Ho Chi Minh City

5 major reasons for exhibiting at Vietnam Foodexpo 2019

There are 5 below major reasons that many companies have decided to exhibit at Vietnam Foodexpo 2019, the biggest exhibition of Vietnam's food industry taken place from November 13-16, 2019 in Ho Chi Minh city.

1. Understand new trends of domestic and foreign agricultural and food markets

Vietnam Foodexpo 2019 will be a gathering place for large and small food businesses of Vietnam and dozens of foreign countries and territories. At the exhibition, businesses will not only display thousands of their best agricultural and food products, together with various types of food processing machines, look for potential partners but also introduce their new products, new underway projects. Participating in the exhibition, you will get an overview of developments in supply and demand markets, competitors, and easily see new movements of domestic and foreign agricultural and food markets.

2. Increase experience in attending international agricultural and food fairs and exhibitions

With the nature and position of an international exhibition, Vietnam Foodexpo 2019 will bring together many professional exhibitors. In addition to learning how to participate in a well-organized exhibition from other businesses, you will be guided by the Vietnam Foodexpo 2019 Organizing Committee for more specific skills to participate in exhibitions successfully through specialized training programs. You will be able to accumulate, increase your valuable business experience in effective participation in international agricultural and food exhibitions and fairs such as how to decorate booths, arrange goods to attract targeted customers. For businesses who will exhibit at Vietnam Foodexpo for the first time with new products that are not well known by the market, Vietnam Foodexpo 2019 will help them accumulate valuable experience.

3. Reduce intermediate channels

The B2B market for agricultural and products is featured with many intermediary channels. At Vietnam Foodexpo 2019, you will be able to filter, even skip intermediaries to work with buyers who are close to or directly related to the final consumer market.

4. Update new useful information for develop investment

Are you looking to upgrade food processing machines and technology to better meet new market trends? Or are you prepared to invest in a new production line? If yes, attend specialized seminars and share information at Vietnam Foodexpo 2019. This will be the place to update you on new technologies of producing, processing agricultural and food products, or give you new ideas and knowledge of appropriate technology application so that you can avoid mistakes that can be made when investing in valuable machines and technology.

5. Meet potential business partners

Vietnam Foodexpo 2019 will be a bridge for businesses and customers of agricultural and food products to meet up; help businesses grasp the needs and tastes of customers, direct their business strategy, and encourage businesses to expand their development. This can be assessed as the most important reason out of the top 5 ones for many businesses to exhibit at Vietnam Foodexpo 2019.