SECC, Ho Chi Minh City

QNS to expand market for its products from Vietnam Foodexpo

Up to the end of September 2018, Vinasoy - the famous soy milk brand of Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company (QNS), maintained its market share at 84.5%, equivalent to its share last year. In addition, to achieve higher sales growth, QNS has a strategy to promote exports abroad through export-oriented trade fairs organized Vietnam and big cale fairs in foreign countries.

Huynh Thi Ngoc Diep, QNS representative, talked with the Public Relation Director (PRD) of the Vietnam International Food Industry Exhibition 2018 (Vietnam Foodexpo 2018) on the company’s expectations of participation in the exhibition and its business plan.

PRD: This is the fourth time QNS has participated in Vietnam Foodexpo. What is your expectation about being here?

Ms. Huynh Thi Ngoc Diep: Quang Ngai operates in many fields but mainly food. Over the time, the company's products have been marketed strongly. Currently there are some products such as sugar, Vinasoy soya milk occuping a big market share in Vietnam. The current and upcoming direction of the company is to promote exports to foreign countries. Therefore, we always take advantage of opportunities to be present at prestigious trade fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad.

Participating in Vietnam Foodexpo every year, Quang Ngai expects to introduce the image and scale of our activities, thus promoting our products to domestic and foreign customers.

In the current situation, domestic companies have certain difficulties in competition. Therefore, our company has to actively seek new opportunities to develop and Vietnam Foodexpo is a good chance for us to affirm our brand and approach potential customers.

PRD: What are your solutions to effectively utilize opportunities from Vietnam Foodexpo?

The State has a policy to promote Vietnamese goods to supermarkets, shopping centers abroad. In that trend, our company has also approached supermarkets and trade centers in Vietnam by various ways, including way through Vietnam Foodexpo, to gradually bring our products to these distribution channels. The company already has a number of products being sold at some major overseas distribution channels, with the sale volume equal to that of other foreign brands.